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Partnering with Great Migrations

Great Migrations invites consulting firms and system integrators to join our exclusive partner program. Leverage our enterprise system analysis offerings and migration tools to quickly optimize your clients' software assets. Whether you are looking for a solution to migrate clients from VB6/ASP/COM to .NET or from Fortran to C, Great Migrations can help you be successful.

Balancing Automated Migration with Expert Services

Used properly, gmStudio will dramatically reduce the effort needed to complete a migration project successfully, but there will still be a significant amount of work the tool cannot do.  Tasks such as

  • configuring and operating gmStudio,
  • training and mentoring developers,
  • formulating and refining technical design options,
  • building or acquiring supporting components, frameworks, and tools
  • designing and implementing new development and deployment techniques, and
  • planning and executing functional and technical testing,

are rewarding and challenging and they require skilled people to do them effectively. Sometimes our clients need external help with these important tasks, so we are always looking for solution providers who would be interested in partnering with us to serve this market.